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Thank you very much for your interests in studying Watsu.
No matter what background you may have, I believe you will find Watsu to help you enhance your professional life as well as personal life. Watsu can change how you move your body, how to be with your breath, how you touch someone, how to be with someone, and how to be with yourself. Watsu training is about awareness. Water brings so much awareness within you and water delivers it to others. Enjoy the water. Enjoy the oneness. Welcome to Water Family around the world.


WABA Credited Classes

We are an official training institute of WABA, Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association. Toru Ogasawara is the only Watsu instructor in Japan and his Watsu 1 and Watsu 2 classes are credited by WABA. We also invite WABA instructors from around the world to do classes in Japan, which are also credited by WABA.

When you study these classes with us, your credits will be recorded in WABA Registry for your lifetime, and all the WABA instructors around the world can see your records and will help you take further education with them. It’s the same system all over the world.

Watsu is an international service mark. It is a privilege to those who completed the regulated trainings to give professional sessions.
For further details check out WABA website. Practitioner Requirements →

Watsu Trainings at Okinawa Watsu Center

WATSU 1is the first 50-hour Watsu class, in which you learn the half of the Watsu sequence, a progression of moves and positions that all Watsuers have the foundation on. We especially emphasize on your awareness and body mechanics.

WATSU 2is the second 50-hour Watsu class, in which you complete the Watsu sequence. Watsu 2 moves involve a lot of body work and massage in all the positions you have already learned in Watsu 1. This is the time to refine all your application of Watsu sequence. We especially emphasize on your touch and presence.

WATSU Provider Trainingis our original training that you are required to pass to be certified Watsu Provider by Okinawa Watsu Center. It includes your demonstration of competency of Watsu sequence, individual coaching to fine-tune your movements, and multi-level training to get you ready for Free Flow, which is the creative, intuitive and ultimate form of Watsu that you can follow and adapt to your client in a real session.

Watsu Training in Japan

Basically, we do Japanese class in Okinawa, and English class in Taiwan. Taiwan Watsu Center has been kicked off in 2016. We go there to teach in English (which is sometimes translated into Chinese). They have classes once in June and once in October. They have their own organizer. Contact directly for more details.

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We can not have English speaking students in our Japanese class in Okinawa. The language cannot be mixed in the same class. If you have 2 or more English speaking students for a same class, we will open the class in English on your request. If you are interested in studying with us in English and in Okinawa, please let us know you want to be on the waiting list. We will hook you up to someone to share the class when we can, and we can discuss the date to open the class.

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Code Dates Class Place Instructor
1802W14 2018.02.12 2018.02.17 WATSU 1
Okinawa Toru Ogasawara
1802W25 2018.02.17 2018.02.22 WATSU 2
Okinawa Toru Ogasawara
1807W27 2018.07.09 2018.07.14 WATSU 1
Okinawa Toru Ogasawara

Check out the travel tips and logistics page for details
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Watsu Instructor

Toru Ogasawara


  • President at Okinawa Watsu Center
  • WABA certified Watsu Instructor and Practitioner, Waterdance Practitioner.
  • Reserch agent at University of the Ryukyus, Tourism Sciences, Wellness Research Project
  • Managing Director, Okinawa Retreat Center for Fukushima Kids “Kumi-no-Sato”


Toru Ogasawara Personal Profile Page →

CoverMAYJUNE2013AsiaSpa magazine featured Toru Ogasawara in its May edition 2013. The thorough interviewed article describes his career very well.
Spa Healer in AsiaSpa May-June edition 2013 (PDF) →

Watsu 1 Demonstration by Toru Ogasawara
Watsu 2 Demonstration by Toru Ogasawara