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Watsu Session

Okinawa Watsu Center

Okinawa Watsu Center is the authority on Watsu in Japan. We provide the highest quality Watsu treatment by top therapists in the nation with the most skills and experience, including instructors who train therapists around Asia. When you are receiving Watsu for the first time, make sure you receive from the best first.

We provide Watsu sessions at the special pool in Kanna Thalasso Laguna in Ginoza, Okinawa. (1-hour drive from Naha airport). Kanna Thalasso Laguna is one of the largest thalasso therapy centers in Asia. Enjoy your Watsu in the heated ocean water pool, a quiet private space, and set to be the perfect temperature for your relaxation.

Reservation Required

Treatment Menu


¥ 12800
40 minutes


¥ 14800
60 minutes


¥ 14800
60 minutes


¥ 16800
80 minutes


¥ 16800
80 minutes

The pool facility fee is payable besides the session fee.

    • Without access to Bade Pool Zone, +JPY660
    • With access to Bade Pool Zone, +JPY1300


WATERDANCE is a form of aquatic bodywork in which you submerge into the water with a nose clip between your breaths. The series of 3D movements in the hydrodynamics and in completely no gravity will set your body and mind free. It can be fun, soothing, or somewhat spiritual. Many people often access to their hidden memories and dreams in their lives during the session.

It depends on the person which they prefer, WATSU or WATERDANCE. But if you haven’t received either of them, we recommend receiving WATSU a couple of times before WATERDANCE if you are interested in it.


Zip. 904-1304
1817 Kanna, Ginoza, Okinawa
Kanna Thalasso Laguna
5-minute drive from Ginoza IC.
1-hour drive from Naha airport

Open Hours

11:00 – 18:00



Kanna Thalasso Laguna

After your treatment, you can enjoy all kinds of ocean water pool area that Kanna Thalasso Laguna has to offer. (Swimming cap is required in the pool area). It includes 25-meter swimming pool, steam sauna, and different types of jacuzzis.

Please read carefully

Before reservation

  • Following conditions are not suitable for Watsu treatment.<br>Fever over 100 degrees, Epilepsy, Cardiac failure, open wounds, Respiratory disease of vital capacity less than 1500cm2, Bowel incontinence, Infectious diseases, Uncontrolled blood pressure, Unstable angina, cardiac arrythmias, Cerebral hemorrhage, Chlorine sensitivity, Recent hip replacement, Recent spinal surgery, Acute ligamentous instability, Recent bone fracture, Pain with spinal range of motion, Frequent ear infections.
  • If you have a medical condition and you are not sure if you can receive Watsu, ask your doctor if you can do light exercise and relaxation in the heated public pool.
  • And cancellation due to your convenience will be subject to cancellation fee. 100% if cancelled after your appointment or no show. 50% if cancelled on the day but before your appointment. 0% if cancelled a day before.

Before appointment

  • The fee includes the facility fee, rental towels, and access to the public pool zone. You are required to wear a swimming cap in the public pool zone. (Not in Watsu pool). We have swimming caps, swimwears, and rush guards for rental.
  • If you wish to appoint a specific therapist, you can do that with JPY1000 extra fee
  • For the health of your skin and also for preventing COVID spread, it is advised to take a shower before you enter the pool which is sanitized with chlorine. Make sure you remove sun screen and makeup. Bodysoap, shampoo, conditioner are available in the shower room. Please bring whatever else necessary for you.
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