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What is Watsu?

The most advanced aquatic bodywork in our time

Born in USA, Rooted in Japan

WATSU® was created in 1980 by Harold Dull (USA) He came to Japan to study Zen Shiatsu and he creatively brought the principles into the water to create a new aquatic bodywork. The name “Watsu” came from the abbreviation of “Water Shiatsu”. Watsu was then spread to Europe in medical space and spa industry, and on to the rest of the world. Now it’s practiced in over 40 coutries around the world.

International Certification

WATSU® is a internationally registered service mark. Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association, a non-profit membership association based in Switzerland, manages the service mark and certification training programs. Okinawa Watsu Center is the only training institute in Japan since 2009.

Back to where we came from

We live on land, where the gravity constantly pulls us down and our body has to work against it without us noticing. In the water, where there’s no gravity, our muscles loosens, our circulation becomes free-flowing, and our spine starts moving. Our body starts unwinding from the everyday hard work. Still, our body all holds patterns, in which we feel safe, but not free. Watsu’s bodywork, along with hydrodynamnic pressure, will set your mind and body free.

Watsu Harold Dull

Free from Gravity

Free from Mind

Free your Body

Effects of Watsu

In many parts of the world, WATSU is practiced by medical professionals for rehabilitation for restoring body functions, for relief from chronic pain, for cognitive integration training, for trauma care, and so on.

Effects known from clinical practice

Adjusts skeleton and aligns posture

Looses muscular tensions

Improves circulation

Normalizes autonomic nervous system

Eases mental stress and pain

Improves breathing and sleeping patterns

WATSU is effective for depression

The joint research project by University of Ryukyus and Okinawa Watsu Center proved that Watsu is effective for minor depression. The research was done with 10 subjects who are around 40 years of age and are aware that they had minor depression symptoms. We had a week they receive Watsu every other day and a week that they don’t receive any Watsu. They also testified that they felt better and positive and less worried in Watsu week. And it showed in CES-D test which scales the depression.Reported by Prof. Masashi Arakawa, University of Ryukyus, 2013.

Comments from Magazine

  • Such deep relaxation that it feels like melting to the water
  • Time and space of completely stress free
  • The ultimate comfort of letting go
  • Loosens and aligns your body and mind
  • Moving meditation
  • A killer content for spa industry

WATSU is recommended especially to those who:

  • General malaise such as pains, minor depression, and short sleep.
  • Constant stiff and pain in shoulders, lumbar and other parts
  • Pregnant women
  • Under constant pressure and stress from work and responsibility
  • Care takers
  • Therapists

Clinical Practice of Watsu

By physical therapists in many parts of the world, Watsu is often practiced rehabilitation to restore body functions.  Especially effective for spine problems.  Watsu is also a natural pain relief.  Receiving Watsu a couple of times a week has shown to be effective to reduce chronic pain. Watsu is also often practiced in collaboration with psychiatrists, especially for trauma care.

Growing Spa Market Has Eyes on Watsu

Spa market is growing worldwide. Spa resorts are well deversified and the comepetition is intense. Every resort is looking for ways to differentiate from others and Watsu can be a very hot content. Watsu is photogenic and very different from any other therapy modality. Watsu was awarded for the best treatment of the year by Asia Spa Award in 2005.

Toru and Yukako became well known to top brand spa resorts in Asia, such as Maldives, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China, backed up by high satisfaction of the customers and journalists, also by the therapist staffs as a trainer. They work with several resorts as a visiting practitioner and/or a trainer on regular basis.

Okinawan Magazine “Calend Okinawa”, featuring Watsu session with Yukako (2011)

Okinawa Watsu Center
An out-of-space experience that you can’t describe in words. Watsu refreshes everything in you.

I sat in the water.
Slowly my body started floating weightlessly.
The water started bubbling into my ears.
All of the sudden, I was in a silent, weightless, and the most comfortable space.

Japan Airline in-flight movie (2014)

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