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We care about the quality

WABA Certified Official Training

The World Standard

WATSU® is an internationally registered servicemark. Any commercial conduct regarding WATSU is a privilege granted to those who have completed the official training by WABA.
WATSU has been practiced in over 40 countries worldwide. Classes are taught by WABA Instructors. In Japan, Okinawa Watsu Center is the only training institute that WABA approves. Our head instructor, Toru Ogasawara, is a certified Senior Instructor by WABA. We provide WATSU classes in Japan and in some Asian countries and help WATSU to grow in each country with the therapists we certify. WABA credits are universal and good for lifetime. If you earn credits and certification with us, they are good in other places too.

Feel free to contact us for consultation when you plan your Watsu path.


We teach techniques that work

We teach techniques that make difference in the practice. We don’t teach just for entertaining purposes. Our instructors always work in the fields, in and out of Japan, mainly in the spa industry but sometimes working with clients with medical conditions. Instructors are always keen to improve the work, which seems like a never-ending journey, they also routinely go elsewhere to study from other instructors, and they share what works in their own experience in the classes. We believe that we can only help students to grow by instructors who keep growing.

Toru is leading Watsu in all Asia. He keeps working in practice and training, not only in Okinawa or Japan but also in Taiwan, China, Thailand, the Philippines, and Maldives. Many top-brand spa resorts invite him as a visiting practitioner and/or a trainer. Especially Maldives is the major league in world’s spa industry supported by the wealthy customers from Europe, Russia, Middle East and others. Toru is working on the top of the line. To him, practicing and training is like 2 wheels, he says. He’s always thinking about how to teach it when he’s practicing.

Fundamental, Spa, and Medical

Toru specializes in spa industry. The customers are mostly healthy, and their purpose of receiving Watsu is relaxation. Of course, many people have pains and malaise, but mostly non-medical symptoms. Still, studying medical field always helps to make difference in the field.

As a senior instructor in WABA, Toru is in the position to teach other instructors. He is not a medical professional. As a Watsu instructor, Toru specializes in the fundamental and the start-up levels. He believes the fundamental is the most important and the most fun to teach. For further advanced level of training at Okinawa Watsu Center, we invite other top instructors who Toru has studied with and who he knows are the best teachers, mostly with the medical background, to teach in Japan.

In the world of Watsu, Asia has been behind most parts of the world. But now, with Toru at the lead, Watsu is growing and becoming known more and more. Come and join us, and become a part of Water Family.

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