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COVID Protocols

Please read carefully before booking a session

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we kindly ask all our customers to follow the protocols below. This is for the safety for our customers, our staffs, and everyone who uses the facility.

We follow national and local government policy. Please understand that, under the current unstable situation with COVID, the government may request to close businesses anytime.

Requests from Kanna Thalasso Laguna

Staff Protocols

We follow the government suggested guidance to prevent the spread of COVID

Requests for Our Customers

  • Wash your hands frequently. Sanitize with alcohol.
  • Always wear your mask.
  • We exercise high air ventilation and circulation. Wear a jacket if it's cold for you.
  • Keep distance of at least 2 meters to other people
  • Take a long thorough shower before and after the pool

Please refrain from entering the building if you have the following conditions.

  • When you are feeling a little cold or fatigue
  • When you have a flue-like condition for several days.
  • When you have discomfort in your throat or chest.
  • When you met someone who is possibly infected by COVID.
  • When you have been abroad in the last 2 weeks

Protocols in Watsu Sessions

Physical Contact

The pool water is all oceanwater and it is sanitized with chlorine to meet the public health regulations. Physical contact in the pool water has no rick of infection.

However, we should all try not to bring organic substances on our bodies into the pool as much as possible in order to maintain a good chlorine level. Please wash your whole body with soup, including your makeup and sunscreen, before going into the pool. The shower room has body soup, shampoo and conditioner for your use. Please prepare whatever else you need.


We believe that air circulation and vent is the most efficient way to prevent the infection through aerosols.

The pool water is kept warm at 34C – 35C degrees. You will not feel cold in the water. But your wet skin may feel cold when it’s in the air. Please bring your rash guard if you have one. We have rentals too.


For the safety of the session, your therapist wears a mask and we ask you to wear a special mask we offer.  This mask is comfortable even when it’s wet.

High Risk Population

We are located in a small village with high aging populationi and many elderies use the facility everyday. Please keep in mind that high risk population in the building.

セIf you feel cold or not well, please feel free to call us and cencel your appointment. We don’t charge cancellation fee during this risky time.

Check your temperature

There is a body temperature check in the entrance. If you have high fever, we have no choice but cancelling your appointment.
Please check your temperature in the morning before coming to your appointment. If we cancel beforehand, the damage is minimum.

Wear your mask

Please wear your mask when you are in the building. We have a special mask for you to wear during the session. We believe this is the best possible solution to prevent the infection and to keep you comfortable at the same time. But you may feel uncomfortable when floating in the water with the mask on. For the worst senario, you may have to stop the session. It would be very unfortunate, but the session fee will not be refunded in this case. Please know the risk before your booking.

Avoid complication risks

COVID is known to get complicated if you have underlying issues. Please make your cautious judgment to avoid your health risks before booking.

Please proceed to booking if you read it all and agree.

(after booking only)

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