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WATSU Certifications

Training Curriculum

There are 2 levels of certifications in order to give commercial Watsu sessions. Watsu Provider is the first certification for many. This is a temporary license that expires in 2 years. You start earning professional experience with this certification and keep learning toward Watsu Practitioner.

These are both official certifications to commercially use the servicemark, granted by WABA, but each country or region may have requirements of license to touch. Watsu is a touch therapy and you must fill the local requirements first.

WATSU Certifications with WABA

Watsu Provider

Temporary License for Watsu commercial operation which is required to renew every 2 years.
JPY10000 Registration fee (one-time)
JPY5000 Annual Fee (in January)
50 hours Continuing education toward Practitioner is required for 2-year renewal (50 hours every 2 years)

Requirements for Watsu Provider

WATSU 1 (50 hours)

WATSU 2 (50 hours)

Structured Freeflow (50 hours)

Anatomy and Physiology (50 hours)

Practice Session Log (20 sessions)

Receive Session Log (5 sessioins)


Watsu Practioner

Permanent license for Watsu commercial operations
JPY10000 Registration fee (one-time)
JPY5000 Annual fee (in January)
Continuing education is encouraged as a professional therapist.

Requirements for Watsu Practitioner

Provider Certification or equivalent

WABA Elective Class (150 hours)

WATSU 3 (50 hours)

Shiatsu or meridien-based massage (100 hours)

Receive Session Log (5 sessioins)

If you a licensed medical practitioner, just filling Provider requirements (with exempt of A&P) plus Watsu 3 will set you up for Watsu Practitioner certification. Please contact us if you want to be clear with your future path.

If you are interested in teaching Watsu after becoming Watsu Practitioner, there are levels of certifications and protocols you are required to follow, such as Assistant, Basic Instructor, Watsu-1 Instructor, and so on. The whole process will take several years. But before teaching, you should earn many years of experience as a practitioner in the field to be a good teacher. It is very important for Watsu community to have more quality instructors, and we strongly support your path. Toru is a Senior Instructor and he can help you to do it. Please consult with us personally if you are interested.

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