Aquatic Integration 1 with Cameron West (WABA 50 hours)
Class Code: 246A102


2024.06.09 – 2024.06.14
Day 1 starts at 14:00 / Day 6 finishes at 15:30.


Okinawa Watsu Center
1817 Kanna, Ginoza, Okinawa
Tapic Thalasso Center

WATSU Instructor

Cameron West

Japanese Translator: Toru Ogasawara

This class will be taught in English with Japanese translation, and it will be a mixed class with English-speaking and Japanese-speaking students.


Class Capacity: 4 – 9 students
Pre-requisites: Watsu-1

  • The class will be finalized to open 1 month prior to Day 1 if not before. It requires a minimum number of students to sign up before finalizing to open. Please sign up and wait for the opening announcement before arranging your trip.
  • Due to the characteristics of the therapy work, those with infectious diseases and mental illness are not allowed to participate.



Sign up at least 1 month prior

Facility Fee


Includes 5 dinners and 5 lunches


Single Occupancy, JPY33,000
Shared Occupancy, JPY25,000

  • We will finalize the class to open when we have minimum sign-ups or 1 month prior. Sign up and wait for our announcement. Please do not arrange your trip before we finalize to open. As soon as the class is finalized, we will send you the notification and the online payment invoice which is payable within a week.
  • If you are coming from outside the island, please book a hotel in Naha on the night before the class. In the morning of Day 1, take highway bus 111 which reaches Ginoza at 8:54, and we will pick you up. Transportation will be provided from then on during the class. On the last day, we will give you a ride to the highway bus back to Naha, arriving Naha Bus Terminal at 17:37, Naha Airport Domestic Terminal at 17:48, and the International at 17:55. You may have to spend a night in Naha.
    >> Timetable of Highway Bus 111
  • Day 1 doesn’t include lunch. Please bring or finish your lunch before the class starts at 14:00.


Sessions with Cameron and Toru are available to a limited number of students. Those who sign up for the class first will get to choose the slot to reserve.

45-min session for JPY16,000

We will arrange your transportation and lodging extension in Ginoza when needed (Extra lodging fee should be at your expense). We will communicate for details after booking.

<booking number>
6/7 14:00 – Cameron #10, Toru #10
6/7 15:00 – Cameron #11, Toru #11
6/7 16:00 – Cameron #12, Toru #12
6/7 17:00 – Cameron #13, , Toru #13
6/8 10:00 – Cameron #14, Toru #14
6/8 11:00 – Cameron #15, Toru #15
6/14 16:00 – Cameron #16
6/14 17:00 – Cameron #17

Please write the booking numbers that you wish to reserve in order of high to low priority in “Inquiry” column of the class sign-up form. For example, Cameron #12, #11, #10 / Toru #13, #11, #10.

You can also send us an email later with your request at

You can only reserve 1 session with each teacher. We will adjust the booking time if you wish to receive from both teachers.


Sign-up Form

Sign-up is done by Google Form on the link. We will contact you by email shortly.

Sign-up is open only for OWC members from Feb 1. It will be open for others from Mar 1.

>> Terms and Conditions for Watsu Classes

What to bring


  • Swimwear
  • Writing utensils
  • Beach sandals (You should wear them in and out of the pool)


  • Water bottle / Thermal Tumbler
  • Swim towel (quick dry)
  • Skin moisturizer
  • Your favorite tea bags / Vitamin C drink powder
  • Your favorite breakfast
  • Mobile WIFI in Japan, or sign up for your international roaming service.

Class Logistics

Please check out the link to see the logistics and travel tips to attend the class in detail.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us with the contact form below.