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Instruction Movie

Watch instruction movie with Toru.  From the fundamental study in Watsu 1 and Watsu 2 to the advanced study in his free-flow sessions with real guests.  Learn his moves, body mechanics, timing, speed, and all how he implements them.  Watch the interviews with Toru where he talks about how he accesses the guest types with 5 Elements, how to differentiate the weight shifts and the steps, how he uses floatation devices, and all the little secrets that accumulate in the session for great outcomes.

Chat with Toru

Chat directly with Toru.  Whether you are just studying Watsu or working professionally, ask questions about any moves you haven’t figured out how to do, about your client conditions you have difficulties with, how to study or practice on your Watsu path, with anything Toru can help, he is willing to help.

Japan Time UTC +09:00

Monday 9:00 – 12:00

Wednesday 15:00 – 18:00

Saturday 20:00 – 23:00

Online Watsu Forum

Online forum for Watsuers.  Get linked to other members in the world.  If you can’t meet the time of online chat with Toru, you can leave your comments and questions for Toru here, and he will answer with comments.

Toru’s Textbook

Review Watsu 1 and Watsu 2 sequence with Toru’s original textbook.  It’s filled with graphics and his deep insights that will help you improve your sessions.

Available to download at Watsu 1 and Watsu 2 movie page.

Video Updates

Watsu 1 sequence - Section 1


Watsu 1 sequence - Section 2 & 3


Watsu 2 sequence - Section 1


Watsu 2 sequence - Section 2


Watsu 2 sequence - Section 3


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