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Watsu Session at Okinawa Watsu Center



[pullquote3 variation=”teal”]The most advanced aquatic bodywork in our time[/pullquote3]

What is Watsu?

WATSU is an aquatic bodywork that Harold Dull developed in 1980, inspired by the theories and the practice of Zen Shiatsu. WATSU facilitates “freeing your body in the water” and helps you release tensions and improve overall conditions of your body and mind. Now Watsu is practiced in more than 40 countries and considered “the most advanced aquatic therapy in our time.”
In addition to the physical benefits derived from the movements and stretches warm water facilitates, Watsu’s power to reduce stress underlies both its effectiveness with those conditions in which stress is implicated and its growing popularity among the general public.
Many come out of a Watsu saying they were more relaxed than they have ever been. Some say it was one of the most powerful experiences in their life. More and more are choosing Watsu at spas
In 1995, Watsu was awarded for “The Spa Treatment Of The Year” in Baccarat Asia Spa Award.
See more details at Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association.
[fancy_link link=”http://www.watsu.com/” target=”blank” variation=”red”]WABA[/fancy_link]

[fancy_header]Benefits of Watsu[/fancy_header]
Watsu is a passive form of aquatic bodywork/therapy that supports and gently moves a person through warm water in graceful, fluid movements. Watsu promotes a deep state of relaxation with dramatic changes in the autonomic nervous system. Through quieting the sympathetic and enhancing the parasympathetic nervous systems, Watsu has profound effects on the neuromuscular system

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  1. Improves muscle tone.
  2. Improves range of motions
  3. Improves overall alignment.
  4. Improves quality of breaths.
  5. Improves sleeping patterns.
  6. Balances overall circulation and heart rate.
  7. Decreases pain.
  8. Decreases anxiety and emotional pain


Watsu improves depressions

researchThe ongoing joint research project of University of the Ryukyus and Okinawa Watsu Center found a significant decrease in the depression scale CES-D Score in adult women with mild depressive symptoms after Watsu intervention program (Prof. Masashi Arakara 2013)


[fancy_header]Watsu Promotional Video[/fancy_header]
[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gBtpZ92p4A”]


[fancy_header3 variation=”teal”]Watsu by leading therapists in Japan[/fancy_header3]

Okinawa Watsu Center


As the only WABA certified school in Japan and representing Watsu Japan, we provide Watsu sessions by the top certified Watsu therapists in Japan.


[fancy_header3 variation=”copper”]Location[/fancy_header3]
Kariyushi Kanna Thalasso Laguna
1817 Kanna, Ginoza, Kunigami, Okinawa 904-1304
5-min drive from Ginoza I.C.

[fancy_link link=”http://www.kanassa.jp/” target=”blank” variation=”red”]Kariyushi Kanna Thalasso Laguna[/fancy_link]

[fancy_header3 variation=”copper”]Open Hours[/fancy_header3]
Open daily 10:00 – 21:00

[fancy_header3 variation=”copper”]Price[/fancy_header3]

WATSU 40min  9,800 yen
WATSU 60min 12,800 yen
WATSU 80min 15,800 yen

WATERDANCE 60min 12,800 yen
WATERDANCE 80min 15,800 yen

Price includes Watsu session, rental towel, locker use and the access to Thalasso pool zone (heated ocean pools, jacuzzi and saunas).
You are required to wear a swimming cap in Thalasso pool zone. (Not in Watsu pool.) Rental is available for JPY110.

Assign your favorite therapist +1,000 yen

[fancy_header3 variation=”copper”]Booking[/fancy_header3]

Booking is required by the previous day of your appointment.

Please read the following precautions before booking


Okinawa Watsu Center

We may be out of the office or in the session and can’t answer the phone. Please leave your message so that we can return your call.





[titled_box title=”Precautions with Watsu” variation=”mauve”]
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  • Please read the following precautions before signing up for Watsu session. If there’s anything you are concerned about your medical conditions, please check with your physician.

    Fever, cardiac failure, unstable angina, severely compromised cardiovascular system, excessively high of low blood pressure, significantly limited vital capacity (below 1000 ml), absence of cough reflex, unpredictable bowel incontinence, open wounds, epilepsy, infectious diseases, sensitivity to chemicals used in pool, recent cerebral hemorrhage, diabetes, perforated eardrums, kidney disease, severely impaired ability to regulate body temperature, tracheostomy, deep vein thrombosis, impaired sensation, multiple sclerosis, acute ligamentous, specific joint range of motion precautions following trauma or surgery, autonomic dysreflexia.

  • Please be reminded that Watsu is not a medical treatment and the purpose and the nature of the work is not to cure medical conditions. You are asked to release therapist from liability of any influences to your medical conditions by Watsu session.


[titled_box title=”Watsu is expected in Watsu session?” variation=”blue”]
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  • In Watsu sessions, you’ll be floating in the water. The therapist will be fully present to support your experience. You’ll have your eyes closed and ears in the water, free of gravity in a warm ocean water. Therapist moves and stretches with you through the water and we’ll make sure your nose will not be wet and you’re completely safe so you just need to let go of all your holdings and be completely with your non-doing self,. It is like meditation in the water.
  • You are free to use ear-plugs if you are sensitive with sounds.
  • All of our therapists speak English. Please let us know anything you want us to know about your body and mind, such as any pain, recent surgery and any medical conditions if any.


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