So I’ve just finished with my first NEW Watsu 1 class.
It was a day before the first day of the class when I received an e-mail from Harold that read “newest (final) Basic Watsu”. I rolled my eyes and went “Another newest?” I had to laugh. Good old Harold. But in his message I felt he’s all sorted out and definite, confident, and comfortable with his writings. And the new sequence he described sat in my guts very well somehow in a way that it never did before. After all I felt good starting my first new Watsu 1 class.

I feel that Watsu class is like a story telling. Sequence is like a story. Movements are like characters. But there’s also another level, which is the message behind the story. What we would like students to put on through studying the sequence. Head support, awareness, touch, body mechanics, “being with the person”, all that juice of Watsu. It’s the instructors job how to tell the Story to get the Messages across.

So Section 1 has changed drastically. It seems that students really enjoy it. Some people like the free-style moves, and others still like the formed moves. There’s a good balance and there’s less pressure to memorize things. I figured this is a big difference in the beginning stage of the training. It frees up a lot of capacity for understanding and putting it on.

The new Section 1 requires more flexible, mobile and expanding head support skills than the old one, I think. Still, students seemed to put it on more easily because there’s less other things. All the memorizing and forming with the space perception will, of course, come later in Section 2, but those also seem to be easier because by then students are used to the head support and floating with someone, and focus on taking charge of the body. They like how the story develops, too.

Overall, I found that I can spread out the Messages more easily throughout the 5 days of training. Before, I felt I needed to squeeze all the Messages in the first 2 days, otherwise I would see all the heads falling off the elbows.
And I think it’s a good idea to have free-style moves in the beginning. It’s a fact that students practice more with the moves they study in the beginning of the training than with the moves they study just before the celebration. It’s nice to see students practice more with free-style moves. I just made my mental note that the initial training for the flexible, mobile, expanding head support has to be really thorough.

It’s just 1 class I’ve done, but I do have a good feeling about the new sequence now. I want to keep refining my story-telling skills along with it.





それにしてもハロルドにはまいります。偶然だと思うんですが、ちょうど今回のWATSU-1の講習が始まる1日前のことです。ハロルドから全インストラクター宛てにメールの一斉配信がありました。件名は「最新(最終)のNew Watsu 1」 。。。! いやいやいや、決まってたんじゃないの!? 無茶苦茶やん。今年中に新シーケンスに切り替えろと言いながら、一年間変更を繰り返して11月の末日に「最終!」って。その前にも「最新」って何回か送られてきてるんです。まさか「最終」があるとは思ってもいなかった。