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WATSU Float Strap Set


The strap-type floats for your Watsu sessions. You can adjust the buoyancy in 3 levels to the receiver’s body type.

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Product Description

WATSU Strap Set contains:

  • Strap Cover 57cm x 10cm x 1 pair
  • Float Foam size S 50cm x 7cm x 0.8cm x 1 pair
  • Float Foam size M 50cm x 7cm x 1.6cm x 1 pair
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The strap Cover opens with a zipper to contain Float Foams. It wraps and attaches with Velcro onto the legs. The specific gravity is 0.12.

2 kinds of Float Foams can be used in 3 levels of floatations. You can use size S only, size M only, or both combined.
Float Foam uses rubber foam matterial that is weather-resistant and chemical-resistant. It can be used in outside chlorinated pools and it stays soft and flexible. It doesn’t harden or collapse, and there’s no glue that falls apart.

Strap Cover and Float Foams can be separated to dry quickly and stay clean without molds.

After use, rinse with running water. Make sure there’s no chlorine remaining. And dry in shade. It is the sunlight and the chlorine that damages the fabric. Try to stay off of them. If you want to replace Strap Cover or Float Foam, you can purchase just that.

We use different textiles for Strap Cover every time we produce a lot. Please contact us if you want to see the patterns and colors of what’s in stock.

Additional information

WATSU float straps

Watsu Float Strap Set, Strap Cover only, Float Foams only


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