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WATSU Float Pillow


Beads float for the head. Designed by Senior Instructor, Toru, with deep considerations to the comfort, fitting balance, neck alignment, easy placing, and maintenance.

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Product Description

WATSU Float Pillow

  • Pillow Cover 45cm x 35cm x 1 piece
  • Float Beads x 1 piece
  • Including VAT, not shipping

Pillow Cover opens with a zipper. Innrer mesh bag contains beads and works a floatation that fits the head.

Mostly you can place the pillow with its “horns” to the body side. But for those receivers who tend to leave the head hang back, and when you worry about the hyper extension of the neck, you can place it with its horns to the head side. Either way, the pillow fits nicely to the head and balances to stay with the head in movements.

The inner mesh bag has separated rooms for the beads to stay in place and balance. Without separate rooms, you would really have to keep the pillow level when you place it under the head, as the beads dispersion would lose balance. With this pillow, you don’t have to worry about it and placing is easy. The pillow is always balanced with beads being where they are supposed to be.

The horns have air holes at the tips. When the pillow is tightly sewed, the trapped air bubbles out of the pillow when you submerge it. This makes substantial noise in the water. Some receivers give feedbacks like “It sounded like a jet flying by.” and “It sounded like UFO is approaching.” Now with this pillow, no more noises. The air vent also helps to drain the water out of the pillow when you dry.

The double layer system makes it quick to dry and easy to keep clean.

After use, separate the inner and outer, rinse with running water, and dry in the shade. You should make sure they are off of chlorine. Handle the deads with care as they are weak to pressure.

We use different textile every time we produce a lot. Please contact us if you want to see the patterns and colors that are in stock.

The technical usage of this pillow is best if you study Aquatic Integration with Cameron West.


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